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The Flybook Blog

Update: Payroll Report

Posted by Craig Langer on Jul 8, 2016 12:07:34 PM

The Flybook reporting tools have been updated. A number of modifications were made and detail added in several reports based on customer requests. The Payroll Report we feel will be particularly popular and useful to the majority of you, based on popular demand.

The Payroll Report now allows you run by activity(s) and date range, making payroll process easier.  The report shows which staff members worked for a set of activities in a selected range.  You are able to report by a single activity or a group of activities. Users  are also able to set a custom date range for the search.

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Tip: Calendar Color Picker

Posted by Craig Langer on Jun 29, 2016 3:52:18 PM

One of the more unique benefits The Flybook Reservation System offers is web integration. We strive to help you offer a seamless reservation experience so your clients have 1 consistent experience with your site and brand. Several updates this week on advancements in web integration, and they are super simple, no expertise required.

Adjust your online widget to match the calendar colors to main colors of your website.  It's a small change, but the appearance adds significnatly to the custom look and feel.

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Calendar Update: The Rollover

Posted by Craig Langer on Jun 14, 2016 12:30:02 PM

We recognize the administrative calendar in the Flybook Reservation Management System (RMS) is your organizational hub.  For many, it is the one-stop-shop to understand in a snapshot the schedule and reservation details.   In our effort to continually improve your experience with The Flybook, the RMS has been updated with “The Rollover” feature.

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Feature Update: Red Light - Green Light

Posted by Craig Langer on May 18, 2016 3:00:00 PM

The Go. Platform powered by the Flybook contains several features specific to staff management and internal communication.  One feature that we have added muscle to recently is our staff notification system.  Many of our customers manage large numbers of employees and some of those employees might be transient, seasonal, part time, on call etc.  Managing these large flexible staff groupings can be extremely challenging (mildly stated).   We have added an internal staff notification tool to assist in the dissemination of staff assignments, reservation details  and activity information.  

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Flybook Ideas and Updates: Lodging, Tours, Rentals.

Posted by Craig Langer on May 10, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Lodging: House Keeping Report

Many of our lodging customers are getting great value from our "house keeping" report.  It is a great tool for setting your cleaning, departure and maintenance schedules.  The report includes all arrival, departure, stay over and general reservation details.   The information is also being used by other service departments.   This report is one that we see run on a daily basis and includes great information for your staff that is dedicated to on site customer service.   Like most of our reports it is available in csv or pdf to provide additional functionality, reporting or styling.

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The Flybook powers First Ever Smart Ticketing System with Seamless Smartwaiver Integration

Posted by Craig Langer on May 2, 2016 11:59:39 AM

The Flybook, a reservation management system for tours, activities, rentals and lodging, has just released the first ever ticketing system that has a seamless integration with Smartwaiver offering customers a single snapshot view of their reservations and waivers as well as new features that will support online booking, to maximize capacity and revenue. "We have been integrated with Smartwaiver for years on the activity and rental side of our business.  When we began the development and installation of our smart ticketing system Smartwaiver was the obvious choice" Craig Langer, CEO The Flybook.


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We've Moved! Lets get social.

Posted by Craig Langer on Apr 22, 2016 2:53:30 PM

We've just moved down the road a few blocks...come visit.  Our new physical/mailing address:


The Flybook

141 Greenwood Ave. Suite #013

Bend, Or. 97703


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Tips, Tricks, And New Stuff

Posted by Craig Langer on Apr 5, 2016 11:25:20 AM

The Go. Platform powered by The Flybook, allows us to quickly develop and release new features.  In this post we wanted  to share one tip, one trick, and one new feature .   Look for future posts with ideas and features to leverage your Flybook Reservation System in new and creative ways to grow and organize your business. 

Tip: Client info tab during reservation process

Using a reservation management system provides your company with tools that not only organize your business and streamline operations but also afford the maintenance of an active client database.    In the Flybook Reservation Management System (RMS), we make accessing and updating your client information simple. Not only do we have a full integration with Smartwaiver that automatically syncs important client information, but during the reservation process we make entering client information simple.  During the reservation process look for the client tab to quickly add client information at any point during the reservation intake. Maintaining a usable client database is critical to the longevity of your businesses, as well as serves as the backbone for any effective marketing campaigns. 

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Go. Platform: Recent Development Highlights

Posted by Craig Langer on Mar 16, 2016 11:30:11 AM

Our development department has been working at a fevered pace. We wanted to share a few highlights from some of our recent releases. It is important that The Flybook world is aware of the new functionality available in your reservation system.  

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Tour Operators and Mobile Phones

Posted by Craig Langer on Feb 16, 2016 12:44:04 PM

If one were to  Google the "importance of having a mobile website" your search would return  ~209,000,000 results.   You can also check out these 2 posts: Mobilegeddon and 7 Must Haves For Tour Operator Websites.  The picture is clear, having a mobile responsive website is very important.

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